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The Zombies of Orchid Bay are a mass gathering of dead people that have been reanimated by the Orb of Rafuk. When the Mummy Khommen-Ghetit opened up his fast food restaurant he employed a legion of Zombies, because according to him they are an untapped work force. They don’t require health or dental plans and work for a very low cost. The Zombies are generally free-willed but can also be controlled by the orb that resurrected them. Due to their weakening mussel tissues, the Zombies' body parts are always decaying and occasionally even falling off, but they don’t seem to feel any pain by this, even when their entire heads separate from their body, they can still move around and function normally. A Zombie also does not need to eat or sleep, making them the ideal workforce for Skeeter. They are also quite agile and nimble for Zombies, one of them even outrunning June.

When not under any extreme influence from Skeeter over-using the Orb of Rafuk, the Zombies seem generally amiable and very hard-working. They move at a relatively normal speed compared to what people expect of Zombies from movies. While under the guise of a fellow under-paid Zombie, Ray Ray orchestrates a work union protest for the Zombies to help June stall for time and the Zombies agree with him wholeheartedly, demanding time off from work so they can see family. This prompts Skeeter to use the Orb of Rafuk to take over their minds and turn them into truly mindless staff. The orb is later dissolved in waffle-grease.

Appearances: I've Got My Mummy on My Mind and My Mind on My Mummy