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Wrongness is a villain from Ray Ray's favorite comic book series "Boomfist" and the arch-nemesis of its titular hero. He appears to be a head encased in a flying glass saucer which he mainly uses to take over inanimate objects and for shooting lasers at Boomfist.

He first appears in the second season in Bada Bing Bada Boomfist and his last appearance is in Sealed with a Fist.


In his first appearance Wrongness is accidentally brought into the real world by a monster June was fighting via an anthropomorphizing spell flung at the comic book Ray Ray was holding. As an anthropomorphic fictional character, he could not be hurt or touched by real world magic, such as June's hits and punches. This lead to Ray Ray requesting the help of the same monster that brought Wrongness to life to do the same with Boomfist, to find and counteract Wrongness.

As a fictional villain, Wrongness was ready to find out why he was in a different world and even managed to find info on how to make his stay permanent, that being to destroy the source of his existence, the Boomfist comic book itself. He was ready to take a part-time job just to buy the Boomfist comic and destroy it but upon finding out he would need to have much more money for all possible Boomfist comics, he opted to rob the bank instead.

While un-affected by conventional magic, Wrongness makes a formidable foe that Boomfist actually has trouble defeating. Instead, it is Ray Ray who launches a potion at him meant to make Wrongness into a magical being, allowing June's attacks to take effect and for June to banish him.

The second time he and a group of his villain friends are accidentally re-animated by Dennis trying out a re-animation spell on his comic book.


  • There is a video game version of him and Boomfist which appears on TV screens whenever any of the kids play video games
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