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Hey check out this new behind the scenes that I just found!
An old DVD interview with Judd Winick himself!:

Posted two weeks ago, this definitely looks like it was filmed before production on the show was finished or maybe just filmed separately for the season 1 DVD extras, it has that very 2002-2003 air about it.... well, wherever&whenever it's from, it's certainly a surprise for lil' ole Europe-residing fan like me to see this, since it's not like this content is available much elsewhere than the DVDs & extra content CN puts out occasionally and I just wouldn't have thought to just search this as a video either, 'cause it's just so unusual! So far I've only ever seen text interviews, so this was really interesting to find today. Hope all of you reading this find this new and exciting as well!

I don't know yet where or whether to even post it on the wiki (so it can be searchable in the wikia itself) but if you have any suggestions about how to post it and what to tag it, let me know in this blog post's comments!