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The two Unglian Banticores from the 9th circle.

Unglian Banticores are a type of humanoid magical beings that June encounters when they are freed by a Monotuke from the "comet" passing by that night - an Edumian Prison Orb in Make Me Up Before You Go-Go. Because they cannot be banished, these two had to be sent into orbit in one of these to ensure they do not wreak havoc on the worlds of humanity or magic. Their weapon of choice is a spear with a harpoon-like tip which shoots out energy projectiles.


  • When the Monotuke says "Unglian Banticores from the 9th circle", it is most likely a reference to Dante's Inferno which has popularized the saying, as the worst of possible punishments are usually referred to as 'the ninth circle' - the 9th circle is the inner-most ring of hell - things can't get any worse from there. [1]