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Take My Life, Please is the eleventh episode of the series overall and eleventh episode of season 1.


A young sorceress arrives in town looking for a Baguano beast. While June agrees to help her, she can't help but feel annoyed at Ashley's goody-two-shoes attitude and perfect manners. When Ashley ticks her off and claims she'd do anything o be Te Xuan Ze, June lets her.


The good 4th-degree sorceress named Ashley arrives in town while pursuing the Baguano. She volunteers to take over June's responsibilities as a bulwark against the forces of evil. June is tempted to let her. June tries to act normal and everything goes wrong, so the monsters of Orchid Bay. What will happen next after Ashley accidentally feeds a Fuster troll a cookie?

Credits clip

Ashley has found her Baguano beast.



  • The episode title is a pun on the classic Henny Youngman one-liner, "Take my wife, please".
  • "'Ending Tagline"': (giggles) and "Get em', Bubbles!" - "'Ashley"' and "'Juniper"'
  • June reveals that she is a fan of the Powerpuff Girls, saying that she watches over 300 episodes.