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The Life & Times of Juniper Lee shorts were mini-episodes produced in 2006-2007 after the show's first season and aired between Cartoon Network programming during commercial breaks and bumpers.

Currently, no dvd or other releases exist with the shorts available. Many of the shorts have a translated version, some of which have been posted on sites such as YouTube.

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Episode list

Shorts (2006–2007)

No. Title Original airdate Production code
S1 "Monsters in My Potion" December 28, 2006 S1
June finds Ray Ray and Monroe tied upside-down with three monsters brewing something in the cauldron. She fights the monsters and dumps the cauldron. Later, another monster comes out from the bushes with a bag of groceries. June realizes that the monsters weren't going to cook Ray Ray and Monroe. So they sit down at the picnic table, and enjoy the soup. Ray Ray is still tied upside-down. Then Monroe puts an onion in Ray Ray's mouth to shut him up. 
S2 "The Bus Stop" January 2, 2007 S2
June is waiting at the bus stop with Jody and Ophelia. The two-headed nerd creature shows up and starts bothering June to take a picture with her. Jody and Ophelia look at June as if there's something wrong. When the two-headed nerd stops disturbing June, she goes on the bus, and finds more monsters who want to take a photo of her. 
S3 "Just a Second" January 5, 2007 S3
While June is waiting for Ray Ray to come downstairs, Ray Ray tries to fight off a monster in his room. He keeps throwing magical jars at the creature as it grows bigger. June calls Ray Ray to come downstairs, but Ray Ray keeps saying "Just a second" while fighting off the beast. 
S4 "Nice Weather" January 6, 2007 S4
While June is brushing her hair to look nice on a date with Marcus, Ray Ray comes in her room and tells her he accidentally released the giant mucus troll in the living room. June tells Ray Ray to distract Marcus at the door while she fights off the creature. 
S5 "Beach Blanket Monroe" January 6, 2007 S5
As June is relaxing at the beach, two creature kids with five-eyes throw Monroe around like a football. She rescues Monroe, but keeps the monster kids happy by giving them Ray Ray to throw around, much to his pleasure. 
S6 "Big Monster in My Backyard" May 14, 2007 S6
When June misplaces her magical Te Xuan Ze bracelet, Ray Ray and Monroe unleash a monster in the backyard in order for the bracelet to go off so June can find it.