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"June makes a splash when she heads to Aqualandia to find out why the magical water from Orchid bay is disappearing at an alarming rate. The girl could use a little rest after that, but ends up having to take Lila the Sasquatch to a slumber party at Jody’s to teach her to fit in. Finally, the origin of the magic veil and the Te Xuan Ze is revealed when Auntie Roon returns with evil plans for June. Little does she know, you can’t stop the girl!"
―-Season 3 description on iTunes.

Season 3 cover on iTunes.

The third season of The Life & Times of Juniper Lee brings in new and old villains as well as explains some more backstory and lore of the show, as well as changes in relationships. Episodes were released from August 23rd, 2006 to December 15th, 2006 - debuting with Who's Your Daddy? and concluding with Every Witch Way But Loose. The last three episodes were released on the same day in the States, and internationally released much later continuing the series into May 2007.

The season is not available in any DVD releases. The last two episodes were released online on the same day, on Cartoon Network's official U.S. website. The entire season can currently be bought at iTunes, released in 2010.

It was preceded by season 1 and season 2 and non-chronologically followed up by five shorts.

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Season 3 Episodes 

The below list features official episode descriptions and release dates from iTunes.[1] (Note: The list features airing times as they are listed on iTunes as the official dates and do not feature the airing dates from other countries or Cartoon Network branches (such as airing dates in Swedish Cartoon Network or Cartoon Network Latin America) which users have input on other sites.)

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Title Written by Storyboard by Original airdate Production code
28 1 "Who's Your Daddy?" Marsha Griffin David Chlystek & Jill Colbert August 23, 2006 301
Marcus gets jealous when a new boy takes a shine to Juniper.
29 2 "Water We Fighting For?" Tim McKeon Fred Reyes & Alex Que August 30, 2006 302
Summer fun is thrown for a loop when someone is stealing water from Orchid Bay.
30 3 "Feets Too Big" Judd Winick Patrick Kochakji & Jennifer Coyle September 8, 2006 303
Juniper 's camping trip is gets interrupted when her parents are captured by the legendary BIGFOOT.
31 4 "Citizen June" Marsha F. Griffin Jill Colbert & David Chlystek September 15, 2006 304
Juniper runs for class president while the entire school is threatened with destruction.
32 5 "Make Me Up Before You Go-Go" Michael Jelenic Fred Reyes & Alex Que September 27, 2006 305
Juniper and the gang have a slumber party, but an uninvited guest drops by.
33 6 "Out of the Past" Marsha F. Griffin Patrick Kochakji & Brian Larsen September 29, 2006 306
An evil Te Xuan Ze escapes imprisonment, and Ah Mah and June must stop him before he takes over the entire realm of magic.
34 7 "Sealed with a Fist" Eric Kentoff Dave Chlystek & Jill Colbert November 3, 2006 307
Boomfist returns to thwart a league of escaped comic book bad guys.
35 8 "Little Big Mah" Kevin Seccia Fred Reyes & Alex Que November 10, 2006 308
Ah Mah is magically turned into a child. She and June must fight side by side to turn her back.
36 9 "Te Xuan Me?" Judd Winick Patrick Kochakji & Rafael Rosado November 24, 2006 309
Juniper disappears and it falls on Ray Ray to take charge, find his sister and save the world.
37 10 "Food for Naught" Eric Kentoff Dave Chlystek & Jill Colbert December 1, 2006 310
Something is turning all the monsters in Orchid bay into feroscious beasts.
38 11 "A Helping H.A.M." Tim McKeon Alex Que & Fred Reyes December 15, 2006 311
Monroe is captured and forced to aid the evil organization known as H.A.M., HUMANS AGAINST MAGIC.
39 12 "The Kids Stay in the Picture" Kevin Seccia Patrick Kochakji & Rafael Rosado February 6, 2007 312
Ophelia enlists the gang to help her finish her student film. 
40 13 "Every Witch Way But Loose" Marsha F. Griffin Dave Chlystek & Jill Colbert April 9, 2007 313
An old enemy returns and brings out the " dark side" of Juniper Lee.


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