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The Racatan

Racatans are monsters that are usually evil. When it turns huge, it has gigantic, narrow horns, larger, sharper teeth, T. rex arms, and it also breathes fire like a dragon. Juniper Lee accidentally got one mad, since she was sent to capture it because the leprechauns accidentally released it in the woods, where it caused deforestation by eating trees and making forest fires; thus, she had to miss Jody's birthday party for the most part. Juniper and Ray Ray released a Genie from its jar to defeat the Racatan. After the Genie was released, he caught a whiff of the Racatan and grabbed it, targeting only evil creatures. During the post-credits, the Genie and Racatan were singing karaoke on the stage of a night club in the Underworld full of monsters (even Jeff the Leprechaun).


It is said by Monroe that the Racatan's tail has an only weakness where the Racatan can be defeated. This was the key to defeat him at the Cartoon Network game Out of Charm's Way.


These creatures are very dangerous and evil. They may look cute in their normal form, but if someone pokes it, it will get mad and turn even more dangerous. When someone asks it to leave, it will ignore them and will continue to do their own thing.


  • The Racatan appears in the online games Party Interrupted and Out of Charm's Way despite being a one-time antagonist. The first is a re-telling of the first episode's conflict in game format and in the other game, the Racatan is the first boss fight.
  • It was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.