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Jasmine's face when hearing Phoebe mentioned.

Phoebe Elsaware is a weather witch from Pittsburgh. Three years before Juniper became Te Xuan Ze, she is brought up by Monroe and then discussed by him and Jasmine in Adventures in Babysitting, as Monroe believes she could be of help to Jasmine in her Te Xuan Ze work while she is getting older.


Monroe mentions having spoken with "two Delacort warlocks" and Phoebe Elsaware in Adventures in Babysitting when discussing Jasmine's struggle with her Te Xuan Ze duties at her older age after being badly hurt by an adversary. Both the warlocks and Phoebe had apparently agreed to help her. Jasmine however exclaims that "-She's a walking natural disaster!"

As Monroe puts it though, "She caused one monsoon last year. It could happen to anyone!"


  • At some point, she has flooded New Jersey in the Life & Times of Juniper Lee world.