Monster Mayhem

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Monster Mayhem was an online game that could be played on Cartoon Network's main site and the second online game to be made based on the show. The first game was Party Interrupted. The next game to come out was Out of Charm's Way.

Summary/How to play

Monsters are rampaging throughout Orchid Bay City, turning townsfolk into hideous purple creatures.

Help Juniper defeat all the monsters and preserve the balance before her friends become victims of the monster madness.

Controlling Juniper

  • Arrow keys - Move
  • Space bar - Attack
  • X key - Special power

Pick up special powers and time bonuses to aid in your quest!

Power-ups & time bonuses

  • Jasmine Lee/Ah-Mah - Turns all purple monsters on the screen back into humans.
  • Thor - His hammer & lightning destroys all monsters on the screen.
  • Genie/Baresafer - Freezes all monsters on the screen.
  • Monroe - His barking drives off monsters. Drop him near your friends to guard them.
  • Ray Ray Lee - Wards off monsters with a big roundhouse kick.
  • Clock - Adds time to the game clock.


All of the areas have 4 levels.

  • The Park
  • The Forest
  • The Underworld


Good ending


The battle is won and the monsters are retreating to the underworld! Orchid Bay City is safe for now, but be vigilant... the Protector's job is never over!

Bad ending


The monsters have run amok!



  • Multi-eyed red monster
  • Blue Monster
  • Yellow Monster
  • Purple quadruped monster
  • Green Monster
  • Trelleckians
  • Purple monster (transformed people)


  • The blue monster makes an appearance in Not in My Backyard, where he is seen dating a female monster with a dark blue color scheme. It is also seen in the intro with its coloration that inspired the game's.
  • The purple monster's design, which is the transformed townsfolk, makes an appearance in the same episode too at the barber, but its coloration is green with brown hair instead; this design appears again in Welcome Bat Otter as one of the monsters supporting Skeeter's scam about bat otters, while red in color.
  • The multi-eyed red monster was also seen in the intro, but its color was dark blue with purple eyes.
  • When all of the characters are seen in the good ending, Jody isn't seen in the background. Although she may be there, but we just can't see her since she may be behind June.
  • Unlike the red monsters and purple quadruped monsters, who both spit eyeballs, the green monsters spit bones.
  • As revealed on Sprite Database, there is an animation of June punching, which was never used as one of her attacks in the final release.[1]
  • The green monster also appears in one of the old bumpers of the show.
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