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Maret, Grand Arch-Demon

Maret, the Grand Arch-Demon of the 6th Astral Plane is a powerful warlord and expert strategist, who has toppled armies, battled sorcerers, and destroyed entire dimensions.

In his only appearance in The World According to L.A.R.P., it is revealed he has been trying to obtain the Goblet of Nesteer for three centuries so that he may consume it and become all-powerful. Unfortunately for him the karate goblin he hired to return it to him loses the goblet in a fight with Juniper Lee, so Maret sends his demon henchmen to kidnap Juniper’s younger brother Ray Ray so that they can trade him for the goblet, but they mistakenly grab the older Dennis. Then it turns out that Dennis had the Goblet with him the whole time, allowing Maret to finally merge with it and reach his full power potential. Although at his maximum strength he is still no match for Juniper Lee when she punches the Goblet right out of his stomach, reverting him back to his normal self.

There are other demons who look like him and appear during episodes of the show, most notably one who fights a human in Every Witch Way But Loose