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The Elders on the tapestry of the history of magic, preparing to end the war.

The Elders of Magic (often also: The Magical Elders or simply the Elders) are spirits who are the source of all magic as they gave up their physical forms to end the war between the worlds of magic and humans centuries ago. They are the source of power for all Te Xuan Ze and the source of all good magic.

They are also responsible for the Magical Veil surrounding Orchid Bay.

There is a hanging gallery of tapestries in the attic of Jasmine's house explaining their history in relation to the history of magic in the show. They are never actually physically or directly seen, speaking or interacting with characters off-screen, through magic or voice.


"Long long ago, before recorded history, magical creatures and humans lived together in our world. But as time went on the two sides became more and more at odds with each other. Eventually, the planet was thrown into war. So the Magical Elders who guarded the realms put a stop to it by sacrificing their physical forms. They became spirits and empowered three mystical touchstones, these stones gave rise to the Magical Veil, it is a spell that makes all the world of magic invisible to humans. It was then, that the world of magic and the world of humanity became separated forever. One human was given great power to hold it all in balance and the only one with the power to destroy the orbs is the Te Xuan Ze."
Monroe explaining the history of magic through the three Touch Stones and the Veil to Lila, Ray Ray and Dennis in Every Witch Way But Loose.

The elders powered all three of the touchstones, the spell for the Veil and gave a sliver of their essence to the Te Xuan Ze, as well as being the original source for all of good magic. Empowering the Protector of the Veil wth their good magic means that this power source must remain untainted by evil magic, giving reason for why Ah-Mah and Monroe do not want Juniper to practice or try evil or bad magic in any capacity.


At some point, a Te Xuan Ze named Kai Yee, became fed up with the world of magic and the position given him and sought out to destroy the Magical Elders to take their place and power, in order to control all of magic. The first time he attempted it, he went head-first against them at the Birthplace of Magic. However, the elders managed to encase him in a statue.

After the return of Auntie Roon and her lifting the Veil, they were summoned by Jasmine and Juniper and aided by turning back time itself. It is suggested that only magical beings notice the change.

When Kai Yee attempts the plan again, it is thwarted by the two current living Te Xuan Ze, retiree Jasmine Lee and her granddaughter Juniper, the newest Te Xuan Ze. Despite being at the source of magic for the first time, Juniper manages to absorb the energy there, enough to throw Kai Yee off-balance and defeat him.


Each time a new Te Xuan Ze earns it, there is an Ascension Ceremony to honor them, gaining a new rank and meeting the elders at the Temple of the Elders.

As seen with the latest generation of Te Xuan Ze, each time a generation 'skips', the elders instead choose an individual from the next generation. This seems to be determined by worthiness and chance of the moment.[1][2]


  • There are eight of the Elders. All of them appear to be Chinese or eastern asian of origin.
  • When June and Jasmine summon the elders in Ding Dong, the Witch Ain't Dead to turn back the events that broke the Veil, you can see eight wispy figures circling around them for a brief moment.
  • Jean-Claude used to be an Elder. At what point, it is unknown.
  • The elders can empower a Te Xuan Ze, but they cannot remove their power, as shown by them having to imprison Kai Yee for eternity.


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