Gender: Female
Species: Sasquatch
Age: 11
Hair color:       Light Red-Brown
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Student at Orchid Bay Elementary
  Orchid Bay City
  To blend in with humans
To find friends
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Feets Too Big
Last Appearance:
  Every Witch Way But Loose
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Lila the Sasquatch is the only female and only child Sasquatch in Orchid Bay, being significantly smarter and smaller than other Sasquatches. Because she is literally an advanced animal and not a human, she can see through the magical barrier just fine. She likes movies. Although considered part of the main cast, Lila appeared in only four episodes, as she was not introduced until the third and last season.


Due to growing up with a huge tribe of Sasquatches, Lila is used to dealing with problems on her own, helping others and finding resourceful solutions. She feels bad for her fellow Sasquatches but also yearns to have a life of her own and to know more about human culture. Before meeting with June, Ray Ray and Monroe, she used to sneak out of the Sasquatch village to see movies at the Orchid Bay movie theater. Lila claims herself to be an herbivore, although she was shown to have fangs when she was battling the Unglian Banticores with June . She helped June find her and Roger's parents (whom were captured by a lost Sasquatch named Charlie Paulsen), as well as helping her defeat a Brown-Back Mountain Troll and returning a mountain lion's cubs to their mother. Later on, the gang decides they can't leave her in the forest with the other Sasquatches, deciding to bring her back to the city, leaving her to live with Jasmine.

Lila is eager to learn about human culture and becomes accustomed to the magical world as well, happy to live in the city and act as a human girl with friends and school-duties. She use to sneak into the movie theater when she had time off from tending to the other Sasquatches and likes movies with big explosions. Just from self-learning, she can read and write just enough to understand most signs and writing, although somewhat sparingly as she initially calls movies "moonies".


She is a close friend to June, they befriend quickly pretty much at the moment they met. June pities Lila's situation the most and introduces her to more human culture. Juniper also attempts to have Lila fit in more and befriend her own friends. They are a good tag-team for monster fights and have similar physical strength.

He has seen to have a crush on her even when she was hairy. Ray Ray likes showing Lila things he likes doing, like riding bikes or making school projects out of ear-wax.

Lila lives with Ah-Mah after her first episode and goes to school from her house. It can be assumed that they have a close mentor-student relationship as we see Lila tending to Jasmine when she is weakened and bedridden in Every Witch Way But Loose.

It is unknown how much they know each other but they are both successful as individual and supporting magic users and acknowledge each other as team members although Dennis seems to be lukewarm about her.

At first, Ophelia seems to think that Lila could loosen up a bit, but later warms up to her and finds her cool.

Jody warms up to Lila immediately, possibly due to Lila already being friends with June. She enjoys the haircare that Lila does during her slumber party.

Lila and Roger do not interact much, but Roger likes the fact that Lila is possibly one of the only known people to be able to handle his hair and make anything or any kind of hair-do of it.


At first she is like most of the Sasquatches, full with hair, though she is significantly smarter and smaller than the rest of her tribe. Monroe uses an Exfoliax Charm to help remove most of her excess hair so that she could appear as human as possible. She enrolls at Juniper's school to learn more about humans. Due to her large feet, she cannot wear closed-toed shoes, so she wears sandals instead.

She is also, incredible cute under human standard, despite not being human and has pretty (and very human) face.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being around the same height and weight as an older pre-teen or teenaged human girl, Lila possesses incredible superhuman strength inherent to her species that allows her to fight on par with Juniper. She was shown effortlessly lifting an enormous telescope belonging to Jody, who said that her dad would have a hard time lifting it up the stairs. Her durability and reflexes are similarly enhanced, making her a potent fighter. In addition to this, Lila's life in the woods has taught her quite a bit about survival and grooming, such as her ability to navigate in the forest or knowledge of star constellations due to practical use for orientation.

Though she sentient and capable of speech, reading and writing, Lila is not a magical being. Rather, she is merely a highly advanced animal and as a result can see through the magical barrier. After being introduced as part of the team and living at Jasmine's, she has shown some considerable use in magic, such as wands and scepters.


Season Three


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