Juniper Lee Wiki
Gender: Male
Species: human
Age: unknown
Hair color:       brown (bald)
Eye color:       black
Personal Information
  Leader of Humans Against Magic
  Orchid Bay City
  Take down magic
Take down the Te Xuan Ze
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Monster Con
Last Appearance:
  A Helping H.A.M.

The leader of H.A.M., or nicknamed Lex, is a human leader of the secret organization, determined to end magic by whatver means possible. He appears in two episodes of the series.

He is voiced by Clancy Brown.


Lex appears as a hulking older man in possibly his 40s or 50s. He has one right normal eye and one left green cybernetic eye, with a long scar over that part of his face. In addition to what appears to be standard H.A.M. equipment, he also wears a visor over his eyes and a helmet that does not cover his entire face, unlike his subordinates. Replacing his right arm, he has a robotic or mechanical arm.



Lex is equipped with the same technology merging magic and human technology, in addition to a mechanical arm.

  • Robotic arm - Lex uses this as a cannon and arm. It also transforms into a hammer in is second appearance.
  • Energy Stick is the main offensive weapon of a H.A.M. foot soldier. Though basic in design this magical weapon has multiple uses. Such as shooting a deadly paralyzing projectile beam, and being able to encase an enemy in a bubble of energy. it has also been known to neutralize a monsters magical abilities.
  • Energy Shield is a a powerful defensive weapon constructed of light energy. They are strong enough to withstand harsh blows and energy projectiles, and can even hold out against the blazing heat of a dragons fiery breath.


  • June called him Lex Luthor in his first appearance, most likely as a parody of the archenemy/nemesis of Superman. He also happened to be voiced by Clancy Brown - the same actor who played Lex in Superman: the Animated Series.