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Jonathan is a TV show producer, who works on a production called "The Wonderful World of Magic" which is essentially a nature show about monsters, where they film magical creatures in their natural habitat(in actuality, most what is shown is in fact acted out and fake). According to his partner Michael the show is doing very poorly in ratings. And when Juniper lee forces him to cancel the show he takes advantage of the opportunity and makes a new one about June fighting monsters instead. Jonathan has devoted many years of his life to studying the magical world and how it operates. He is determined and very hard working, and will go to the extreme to achieve success, even going behind Juniper Lees back to make another show after she told him to cancel the first one. He tries to always maintain a certain amount of professionalism in everything he does, and is for the most part very well mannered. In the end, their TV star Juniper banishes him and Michael inside a TV set.

Appearances: Star Quality


Jonathan is the Producer of two Monster TV shows, "The Wonderful World of Magic" and "The Battles and Brawls of Juniper Lee". His first show did poorly with viewers because of its dull nature, but his Juniper Lee show was a major hit with the magical community, due to its intense action and monster fights. His career came to an untimely end when him and his partner were banished to a television.


  • "The Battles and Brawls of Juniper Lee" is a parody on the show's own title.