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Jean-Claude is an evil demon sorcerer with a french accent. He is extremely egotistical, constantly talking about how handsome or benevolent he is, and never wanting to admit he is wrong. Even when Juniper defeats him he says it was all part of his plan. Jean-Claude is always in the company of two demon ladies, who seem to just go along with anything he says, adding to his already large ego.

He was once a magical elder some unspecified time ago but the supreme council caught him trying to take over reality and banished him from their realm. He planned to take his revenge by destroying the Te Xuan Ze along with Orchid Bay City.

While June is attending Jody's sister Rachel’s Bat mitzvah, Jean-Claude seals her and her friends in a snow globe, so that he can raise a rock troll to destroy Orchid Bay City and sell the land to Goblins. Juniper manages to escape the globe, and stop the troll in time, foiling Jean-Claude's plan.

Appearances: There's No Mitzvah Like Snow Mitzvah


As a former elder, Jean-Claude seems to have limitless powers and abilities

  • Teleportation: he can teleport himself to any location with just a thought.
  • Materialization: the ability to make any object he may require out of nothing.
  • Flight: he can levitate and fly through the air.
  • Elasticity: he can to stretch his body at different lengths and shapes.