Gilron the Warlock

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Gilron the Warlock is a monster warlock and a good friend of Ah-Mah who appears once in Party Monsters

In first glance, Gilron was shown to be a typical evil monster warlock who seem to want to get revenge on Ah-Mah for something in the past. After Ray Ray place all of her gifts onto Juniper's Bed, Gilron arrived and placed a magical gift among the others and disappeared.

Later after Juniper and Ah-Mah manage to calm down and tamed David (who took a nap) Gilron appeared and Ah-Mah couldn't believe to see him at her birthday as it was discovered that he wasn't evil at all but a good friend of hers and revealed that he brought the Orb as he remembered that she told him that she like hanging with monsters rather then her family and the orb was created to turn humans into monster. Unfortunately when Ah-Mah became disappointed because of the chaos he cause with the orb, he agreed to change them back, even saying he kept the receipt of the orb.

Later after arriving at the basement, Gilron reverse the effect of the Orb, turning all the Lees who has been turn into monster back to humans, but when Ah-Mah sisters insulted her she told Gilron to turn them back into Monster, even trying to do it herself but Gilron refuse to do it.

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