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Gigi Before and After 1618.png
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Age: 300+
Hair color:       Purple
Eye color:       black
Personal Information
  Evil Zookeeper, stealing magical energy from magical creature in order to keep her youth, shopping.
  Orchid Bay City
  Magic world
  Juniper Lee
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Great Escape
Last Appearance:
  The Great Escape
Voiced by:
Kath Soucie


Gigi is a demoness who takes the form of an old/man zookeeper. She kidnaps monsters off the streets then turns them into animals so she can feed off their magical energy and keep her youthful looks, until Juniper stops her in The Great Escape.

When she is drained of all other magic, she is revealed to be a purple-pink gremlin-like demon. After her defeat, she was placed in a magic realm zoo where she was insulted.