Auntie Roon

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Auntie Roon
Auntie roon old.png

Gender: Female
Species: Witch/Sorceress
Age: Hundreds of years old (at least over 400)
Hair color:       Red
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Evil Witch
  Her pet shark
Her winged demon minions
  The Te Xuan Ze of her time
Juniper Lee
Magical Elders
  Create chaos between worlds of magic and humanity
To destroy the present Te Xuan Ze
Turn Juniper into a monster and destroy to three touch stones that maintain the Veil.
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Ding Dong, the Witch Ain't Dead
Last Appearance:
  Every Witch Way But Loose
Voiced by:
Susan Silo

Auntie Roon is an ancient evil witch who was banished from the magic realm by the mighty Te Xuan Ze of her time. She is known for riding a fish and being a great ancient evil, promoting chaos between humanity and magic.

She fights wielding a green orb attached to a staff which she uses for spells or to shoot projectile attacks at her enemies.


400 years Ago

400 years ago she was a powerful witch feared by everyone in the magic and human world. She fought against the Te Xuan Ze in charge and was defeated with Monroe's aid, being utterly banished.

Young roon.png
A younger Roon, four hundred years ago

As a younger witch battling against the forces of good, Auntie Roon wore magenta armor, boots and gloves with lighter purple under-armor and a brown belt. In her older years, she appears to be shorter and is rather fat and somewhat stout with a dropped face.


Aunty rue.png
Auntie Roon in her debut episode "Ding Dong the Witch Ain't Dead!"

Four centuries later during June's time, Ah-Mah tells her about Auntie Roon and says that the only way she could possibly return is for "a 10th level warlock making a deal with a puss goblin and an antelope-snake. Never happen."

Ironically that happens just in that moment. Later when June and her friends and brothers are at the mall waiting for Ambiguous Angst's new album, Roon is released and lifts the magical Veil in order to cause chaos and kidnap the children for a boon to the monsters who released her.

She engages in a little battle against June and is defeated again thanks to Monroe who uses the same trick he used before against Roon's repeated summoning smell.


Roon returns in the finale of the show to end the reign of good magic and the line of Te Xuan Ze once and for all, once again bringing down the Veil and causing more trouble than the previous time. During her plan she is surprised to discover that other monsters and beings of the magical world are not interested in pure chaos and are used to the magical Veil that separates and conceals the worlds of magic and humans.

In her second appearance, her purple frock has frills, she seems to be shorter, she has lighter orange red hair and her pointed ears have developed fins which droop slightly. Her eyebrows are smoother than previously.


Season One

Season Three


  • Along with Loki and Kai Yee, Roon has been one of the hardest villains to defeat for June to deal with.
  • Although she was in banishment for 400 years, she still manages to know about New York cannolis of all things.
  • Auntie Roon appears in the game Out of Charm's Way.
  • Auntie Roon shares some similarities with another character played by Susan Silo, Wuya; both are ancient evil witches who before their imprisonment used to have dangerous looks alongside their dangerous skills.
  • In her first appearance, Auntie Roon reveals that she is "Homo sapiens intolerant" and that consuming humans gives her repulsive gas from her butt.
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